Full time RV Nomad Entrepreneurs

We are Scott and Christina Field, and we are full-time RV Nomad Entrepreneurs.  We love travel, exploring new places, and meeting new people so much we dismantled the life we had built to forge a new life of wandering, creating, and discovering. What caused us to make such a huge transformation?  For us it was a combination of factors that came together in a perfect storm that swept away our blinders and allowed us to see a new future (see why here).

Jackson Hole

Making this transformational change in our lives has been a roller coaster ride, no doubt, but we are buckled in and ready for more. We will be updating this blog site regularly with posts about full time rv life, adventures, destinations, campground reviews, and small town treasures. We’ll also feature RV DIY stories, lessons learned about full time rv life, and general information about RV Living. 

We’ve been on the road since August of 2018, and so far our travels have been mostly in the southern part of the country. Our 2018 travels focused on setting-up our domicile in FL, establishing our businesses, and attending NomadFEST while visiting family along the way. This year, we are following the opportunities for our mapping business (see more about our travel ventures here). We spent some time in Texas in early summer, and the heat chased us as far north as Wisconsin. Here’s where our travels have taken us up to this point.

Thank you for joining us here ! You can see more of our adventures on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Are thinking about making a transformational change in your life? We’d love to hear from you – please subscribe to our blog via email (at the bottom of this page), and reach out via the comments below or through our Contact page. Till then . . .

Go Find Your Adventure !!