Here we go !

Our Epic Field Trip

We are Scott and Christina Field, and we are brand new full-time RV nomads having moved in to our RV on August 14, 2018. We sold our home and most all our possessions, left our corporate careers, and are starting a new life on the open road.  We’ve always loved traveling but during a trip to Jackson Hole in September 2017, we realized that the life we were living wasn’t how we wanted to spend the next ten years and that we didn’t want to wait for traditional retirement to make a big change.  We’d had a great mainstream life raising two sons, owning a home, getting educated, working hard, and squeezing in vacations, but we were ready to make a big change.  Now, getting from that decision point to where we are now has involved A LOT of slaying dragons and whacking moles which will be food for thought for some future blog content, I’m sure.

For now in the coming months we’ll be getting adjusted to life in an RV, starting a couple of business ventures, and working on creating content for this blog, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as YouTube videos.  As a matter of fact, we’ve been posting on Facebook and Instagram already.  If you haven’t yet, please click on the links at the top right of this page to see our content there, Like and Follow our pages, and leave us comments.  We’re posting regularly on Facebook and Instagram, and we’ll post updates there as we add content to the blog site and YouTube channel.

We appreciate your visit to our blog page and sure do hope you’ll keep coming back to check in on us.

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