RV Repairs at Red Bay Alabama

RV Repair in Red Bay Alabama Even if You’re Not a Tiffin !?!

Maintenance and repair events are a necessary aspect of full-time RV life because, you know, stuff happens.  For us, 2021 dealt us a more than generous dose of incidents (lessons?) that piled up a bunch of stuff that needed to get fixed.  In February, while fleeing the polar vortex in Texas, our generator door cover was totally popped off the rig while crossing a railroad crossing that dropped off sharply and then rose up sharply to meet the intersecting road.  In July, a microburst, out-of-nowhere windstorm in Spearfish, SD, whipped our awnings like a ragdoll to the point Scott had to cut them off the rig.  In late summer, one of our air-conditioning units and our dash air conditioner decided to quit on us.  Someone knocked off our passenger side rear view mirror in a campground.  And there were more incidents, but you get the idea.  The bright side is that none of these issues were show stoppers; we could delay repairs and keep moving about the country according to plans we had already made.

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