RV Extended Warranty

RV Extended Warranty – Our Experience & Great Resources

RV Extended Warranty – Our Experience

RV Extended Warranty events are never fun, and unfortunately we had two events occur in the same month. We had a number of non-critical component failures on the RV over the last several months. By non-critical, we mean various things on the RV that broke but that we could manage to live without for a short time or find a work-around. We had delayed getting those things fixed until we could be near a service center and also be stationary long enough to work through the warranty process. We decided the best time and place to get these repairs done was while we were in Las Vegas helping family with some issues.

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RV coffee

RV Coffee – So many choices

Making coffee in an RV involves some different considerations than making coffee in a normal sticks and brick house. We gave some thought on what would work best for us and did a bunch of “research” — i.e., YouTube watching and Google searching on different methods for making coffee. Let’s just say there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there, but after sifting through numerous different methods, we decided to devise our own version of the pour-over method.

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RV Nomad Entrepreneurs

Becoming RV Nomad Entrepreneurs

It’s been too long !!   We have been RV nomads for nearly eight months now, and while we’re completely happy that we made this huge change in our lives, we also want to acknowledge that some aspects of the journey have been quite a challenge.  Namely, becoming RV nomad entrepreneurs and getting a couple of nomad businesses up and running from the ground up has consumed much more time than we anticipated.  And for that reason IT’S BEEN TOO LONG since we’ve posted any content. 

Check out our video on this topic 🙂 !!
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carowinds rv park

Becoming Nomads

We love travel, exploring new places, and meeting new people so much we dismantled the life we had built to forge a new life of wandering, creating, and discovering.  What caused us to make such a huge transformation?  For us it was a combination of factors that came together in a perfect storm that swept away our blinders and allowed us to see a new future. Here’s our story of becoming nomads.

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