Items that Improve the Safety and Operation of the RV

The quest to improve the safety and operation of your RV is never ending. Here are some products we have installed or keep on hand to keep the RV running smooth and minimize unhappy surprises. Amazon links are provided for your convenience.

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Our upgrade to Battle Born lithium batteries required that we install a battery monitoring kit and shunt so we could properly monitor the battery state of charge. This system installed with no issues and connected to our existing inverters with no problem.

Our motorhome did not have isolation switches for the house battery banks. We took care of that by installing one of these switches on each of our two battery banks. Going forward, it will be easy to ensure power is isolated from the battery bank.

Check out our video to see how to install these devices.

This is a must have as a full-time RVer. It’s critically important to be able to add air to your RV tires without having to move it to a public air compressor. This unit comes with a convenient carry / storage case.

Speaking of tire pressure, this monitoring system provides an early warning to you if one or more of your tires are unstable. The system expands to include not just your RV but also the vehicle your towing or the vehicle towing your RV.

We got by for a long time with just using our cell phones to communicate while pulling into a camp site. We recently had an issue with zero cell signal at a site. We promptly ordered this set, choosing 36 channel to provide plenty of channel options to choose from.

Let’s just say you’re going to want to have some disposable gloves on hand for a number of reasons (black tank anyone ?). Why not get some cool black ones ? :-).