Our Travel Ventures

We operate a number of travel business ventures that provide a variety of services to a diverse spectrum of clientele under the umbrella of ViaVista, Inc. These services include:

cemetery mapping services

Subsurface mapping using GPR (ground penetrating radar) and GPS

viavista voyages

Designing transformational travel experiences

Our Epic Field Trip Content Creation

RV travel-related content and resources via social media and travel blogging. Follow us on FacebookYouTube, and Instagram.

ViaVista EHS Consulting

Christina Field is principal consultant providing environment, health & safety consulting services.  Christina has more than 20 years’ experience in the EH&S profession as well as more than 15 years’ experience as a director, project manager, and supervisor.  Christina possesses strong knowledge and application of EH&S laws and regulations and expertise in organization development and workplace culture improvement. Contact christina@viavistaconsulting.com for more information.

ViaVista Personal Coaching

Personal development coaching. Reach out via email to christina@viavistaconsulting.com to start your transformational journey.

 All our services are linked by the mission of enabling clients to see the big picture
and use that vision to build a better future.

Learn more about our journey to becoming Nomad Entrepreneurs HERE and HERE.

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