Tech Tools – Audio, Video, Computer, Connectivity, Etc.

We are pretty bare bones still when it comes to tech tools. Right now, our only cameras are our cell phones. Eventually, we’ll be adding to our collection but for now we’re getting by with these items. Amazon links are provided for your convenience.

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camera tripod

We love this tripod. It has extends very tall and is very stable. With the clips on the legs, it’s a breeze to extend and retract. The case fits very well and is rugged.

selfie light ring

This clips to your phone and helps get much better exposure when you’re doing selfies. You can also use it to illuminate objects when filming or taking pictures with the main phone camera lens. It comes with a handy cord for recharging.

selfie tripod stick

We used this selfie stick tripod a lot during our first few months. Christina prefers using this over a gimble. We’ve need to use this more often to give us more camera angle options. It folds up small enough to stow in a pocket or purse (see pictured below with remote shutter).

remote shutter

This is a handy tool when shooting with your cell phone. It connects via bluetooth with no trouble reconnecting and enables you to operate camera and video functions remotely.