Things we Use for Outdoor Living

One of our favorite parts of RV life is that we are so much more likely to enjoy sitting outside and enjoying the view or community. These items make being outside more enjoyable. Amazon links are provided for your convenience.

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Using outdoor rugs at your campsite will help reduce the dirt and grass from migrating in to your RV. We have two of these rugs, and they’ve held up well to the frequent unfolding and refolding. They’re easy to clean by shaking them out and stand up to a hose if needed.

We use two of these tables outside. They are very flexible and will work as side tables as well as serving as eating trays for meals outdoors. Best of all, they’re adjustable in height and surface angle, and they fold down to a very small profile for storage. The picture at left is the original table before adding contact paper to the surface as pictured below.

Camp life will inevitably involve some bugs. We have found that sprinkling this product around the tires and jack stands keeps the bugs from invading into the RV, and we like that it’s non-toxic to humans and pets.

While we do have rather large awnings built in to the RV, sometimes we have to park in a way that reduces the shade from the awnings. This portable canopy is useful for extending the shade and can be set-up and broken down by just one person within minutes.